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BuzzLuck has been about since 2004 and in that time have moved to one oft the best online casinos for US based players. Now, we all know that the US market is still pretty thin on the ground and it’s only been over the last couple of years that things have started to pick back up again. The introduction of brands back into this sector, such as BuzzLuck, is definitely gong to be positive for the industry moving forward.

Throughout this review we will be looking at how well BuzzLuck performs against other US based casinos and whilst the comparison to Euro facing casinos wont be as important, we will still pull them up on features that may be lacking or even that they include and others don’t.

BuzzLuck Casino


The site comes blessed with a boatload of offers that you can get your hands on each day of the week. There is a cycle that is in place that allows you to claim something new for each day and in turn, take advantage of a massive range of bonuses and promotions. The offers vary by the day of the week with different codes available to use each day. Be sure to check the website for the most up-to-date offers.

Each bonus, of course, has different wagering requirements, so be sure to pay attention to how many times you are required to play through in order to be able to withdraw. Each offer will target specific games unless otherwise stated, so it’s good to know which games are eligible to clear each bonus.

Software And Platform

BuzzLuck Casino utilise the software of both Real Time Gaming and NuWorks. These are two of the biggest software providers for US based players, so the range of games should be as good as you’re likely going to find. The casino can be accessed from both a browser based instant play option and also via a download option. It’s worth noting that the download option can only be used on Windows based PC’s, with no compatibility with Mac at the time of writing.

One ting that we did like about the casino is the ability to play games via a demo form without having to invest money into them first. This offers user a great way to get to grips with how each game functions and also means they can trial the bonus rounds to see what they need to do to make the most money. If you are new to any of the games or even just new to online casinos in general, then we highly recommend that you use the demo feature first before depositing any money.

Casino Games

The site comes with about 60 games in total, which in comparison to many Euro based online casinos is a very low amount. However, for US based player the number isn’t too far away from what you would expect and, if truth be told, the range of games should be more than enough for most players anyway.

The downside seems to be in the frequency of when they add new games. There’s no way on site to see which games are new and unless you literally play everyday and know every game from memory, there is no way in knowing when new games are added either, which is shame.

BuzzLuck Casino Games


With around 40 games to choose from in the slots section, you shouldn’t be left too short for some decent games to play. They do cover a wide range of themes on site with everything from Monsters to Mag Tricks, but if truth be told, once you get into each game, themes aside, they feel very much the same, with 5 reel 25 payline games clearly being the ones of choice.

To sit and slate all the games within the slots section would be massively unfair, so we will end this section highlight some games that we did like. Slots such as Big Rig, Samba, The Duck and Wonderland were particular highlights, mainly because they seemed to mix things up a little more than other games. They also included interesting bonus rounds as well, which can sometimes make or break a decent video slot.


The table games are where the casino really starts to struggle in our opinion, with just 6 games across the board. The games include Baccarat, Blackjack, Suit Em Up, Texas, Tri Card Poker and Vegas Three. The games are thin, there is no doubt about it and the like of roulette was a particular surprise given that it’s one of the biggest casino games in the industry. The games that were on offer actually played out pretty well, so once you are in, it’s not a bas place to be.


The video poker section included 3 different games, which were Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better and Joker Poker. You cant rally go wrong with any of these games and we found them to be very entertaining and the design much more in keeping with an ‘industry standard’.


The jackpot games were of a good range, with 7 games to choose from. As the games are run across the Real Time Gaming and NuWorks network, it means that they jackpots on offer are usually sizeable, which obviously works in the players advantage.

About BuzzLuck Casino

BuzzLuck have been about since 2004 and are now part of the Club World Group, who themselves own a number of online casinos. The site offers a good range of casino games for US based players and, whilst you could argue they don’t reach the depth of Euro facing casinos, it would still be a site that we would recommend for the US player.